Visit Captain

If several LOAL teams visit a facility, choose someone to be a Visit Captain. A Visit Captain is the liaison between the facility and the LOAL teams.

The responsibilities of a visit captain may include:

  • Being present at each visit or arranging for another team member to be in charge as a substitute.

  • Coordinating with the facility representative who will be in charge of the visits to:
    • exchange contact information
    • establish time and day of week for visiting
    • arrange what the visit will entail and where in the facility the visit will take place
    • Be aware of any regulations specific to the facility.

  • Coordinating with the LOAL teams:
    • Notifying teams if a visit is cancelled
    • Notifying teams of special events—such as a tricks show, obedience demonstration, or special occasion
    • Ensuring that new teams joining the visit are certified LOAL members
    • Arranging for supervisors for teams doing their supervised visit hours (and that those teams have successfully completed their Control Evaluation).

  • Having a copy of the LOAL Incident Report available in case of in incident and reporting the incident:
    • To the facility contact person
    • To the chapter leader
    • The LOAL national president

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