Chapter Leader

The primary responsibility of a chapter leader is to encourage and support members as they make visits. Chapter Leaders ensure that visit teams in their chapter are properly certified through the National Office. Chapter leaders have a responsibility to their community to provide quality visit teams to facilities and programs and insure that each team meets LOAL guidelines.

We require that all Chapter Leaders be certified members of LOAL. The national office of LOAL should be notified of any change in chapter leadership within 30 days. Chapter Leaders are not to receive any pay or other compensation in their role as a Chapter Leader. They cannot personally make money by virtue of being affiliated with Love on a Leash—we are strictly a volunteer organization.

Each Chapter Leader must supply the national office with an annual membership report. The first report is due six months after a chapter is formed and then every year by January 15th. This report will list the names of the volunteers associated with your Chapter, a brief description of where you visit, the number of visits the chapter has made, and a financial report of donations and expenses received by or incurred by your Chapter. To request the Chapter report forms, contact the national offices of LOAL at or call (760) 740-2326.

Therapy work is a great responsibility. Chapter leaders set goals, educate, lead, and set the example for their chapter members. Chapter leaders remind members that therapy pet work is a service. In order to provide this service, each team must adhere to certain policies to protect those whom we visit as well as those who are doing the visiting.
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