Love on a Leash® Media Guidelines

The Board of Directors has created the following media guidelines. Should you be contacted by someone in the media, please use these guidelines to help you determine the best way to respond and cooperate with them.

If you are contacted or approached by a member of the media who wants to interview you, or shoot a video story about you, your therapy pet, or Love on a Leash® please follow these guidelines to ensure you are representing the organization as accurately and professionally as possible.

If the media is requesting to schedule an interview, or television or video shoot:

  • If you are a member of a Love on a Leash® Chapter, please refer the media to your Chapter Leader to handle the request.
  • If you are not a member of a chapter, please refer the media contact to the Love on a Leash® national website:
  • If the media wants to shoot video or a television story at one of your visit sites, make sure you get approval from the facility director first. Not all facilities welcome this kind of exposure, and HIPAA and privacy laws may preclude some facilities from wanting to participate. If the facility does not want to be included, try suggesting a different facility to the media (one that you do have approval for).
  •  Keep in mind signed photo releases must be on file for any patients or visitees that are featured in media stories or video. Some facilities maintain photo releases that may suffice (check with the facility director first to find out). If the facility does not have signed releases on file, please download the Love on a Leash® media releases at and have anyone included in the story or video sign a copy. Please retain a copy of all releases in your or your chapter’s files.
If you are participating in an interview, or television or photo shoot, or if you are contacted while on a visit and there is no time to contact your chapter leader or refer the media to the national office:
  • Please ensure your pet is wearing its Love on a Leash® vest or bandana, and, according to member guidelines is clean and freshly groomed. If possible, please wear a shirt with the official Love on a Leash® logo.
  • You will find the most current information about Love on a Leash® on the national website at, including the current number of active members, the definition of a therapy pet, the difference between therapy pets and service animals, and more. Take time to become familiar with this information prior to your interview (or print it out and take it with you) so you can be a good interviewee. Feel free to refer members of the media to the website for this information as well.
  • Additionally, please make sure you are following all other member guidelines. Remember you are representing the entire organization; you want to set a great example!
If you are asked questions about Love on a Leash® and you do not know the answer:
  • Please refer the media to the national website at
P.O. Box 4548
Oceanside, CA 92052-4548
(760) 740-2326
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