Chapter guidelines

A Love on a Leash® Chapter consists of a Chapter Leader who has been a member for a minimum of one year, and at least one other certified team, who would like to participate, individually or in groups, in making visits. Chapters often set up regular visits at various facilities. Members may then choose to visit with the group or visit on their own. A chapter can be organized very loosely, or be more structured. Love on a Leash® was started with the idea of making it possible for people with qualified pets to participate.
If you would like to offer pet therapy visits to a facility, an “Introductory Letter” and a brochure explaining Love on a Leash® can be downloaded from the Forms page on our website,
It is preferred that pets wear a Love on a Leash® bandana or a Love on a Leash® vest during visits. This is not a requirement, but we hope members consider it an honor to identify their pet as a Love on a Leash® therapy animal. Occasionally, a hospital or similar facility may require teams to wear a vest or bandana in a color other than our official blue. That is permitted, but a Love on a Leash® patch must be visible on the item as well. Chapters may not substitute a “chapter color and/or design” on vests or bandanas in place of the official ones. Holiday or special occasion attire is always permitted as long as it is acceptable with the facility you are visiting. Always check with the Visit Captain first.


Depending on the community, as a chapter grows outward it makes sense to become two neighboring chapters. Each Chapter has a regular visit schedule and shares resources when there is a larger event like a Fair. Chapters keep in contact with each other and share each other’s news when appropriate. It would be against our purpose and philosophy to become cliquish or selective in chapter formation. Any qualified team should be welcomed and encouraged to join a chapter. Dual membership in chapters is permitted.
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