No Chapter Near Me

I am interested in becoming a member

You do not need to belong to a chapter to be a member of Love on a Leash® (LOAL). If there are no chapters in your area, please contact the LOAL national office and inquire whether there are any certified LOAL teams in your area.  If there are not, we would then encourage you to be a pioneer for Love on a Leash in your community, reach out to facilities you would like to establish pet therapy visits with, or who have shown an interest in receiving visits from therapy animals.  Please feel free to use the LOAL Introduction Letter, our digital trifold brochure, and our website when approaching potential facilities.  Examples of facilities that may be interested in visits include senior assisted living communities, memory care facilities, rehab facilities, libraries and elementary schools for reading programs, or special education visits (these latter can be at higher education levels also).  (Veterans care facilities, hospitals, clinics, dental practices, etc. may also welcome therapy pet visits, but may require you to already be a certified therapy team before visiting.)  Once you find a facility to visit, please ensure you adhere to all LOAL Member Guidelines & Application requirements.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the LOAL national office.

I would like Love on a Leash® teams to visit our facility, school, event, etc. 

Our members do not need to belong to a chapter to be invited to visit facilities or attend events.  If you do not see a chapter in your city, please contact our LOAL national office to inquire whether there are any certified Love on a Leash® teams in your area.
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