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A Chapter provides support, motivation, and social interaction for you and your pet. More teams mean a greater variety of pets, talents, and interests. Visiting together can also help to relieve the sometimes stressful aspect of the work. Sharing your visit experiences helps to de-stress, but also educates others as to what works on a vist and what doesn’t. It is good to know someone else will be visiting a facility when you are unable to complete a visit.
Word spreads when the community begins to see therapy pets at work. One facility hears about the benefits and fun, and wants a program for their facility. Pet owners hear about pet therapy or see a team at work, and want to know more. Local papers and TV stations are always looking to share “feel good stories” on the news, and pet therapy fits such a narrative.

To start a Love on a Leash® Chapter you will need:

  • a Chapter Leader who has been a member of Love on a Leash® for a minimum of one year in good standing.
  • two or more certified Love on a Leash® members, not from the same household. The Chapter Leader may be included as one of the two.
  • a minimum of one established (ongoing) visit.
There is no fee to become a Chapter. Individual members already pay yearly membership dues to the National Love on a Leash® organization.  Any donations received must be forwarded to National Love on a Leash® for depositing.  Acceptable expenses will be reimbursed by our National Treasurer. Be sure to fill out an online Pre-Approval Request and an online Reimbursement Request, as needed. (Printable PDF forms are also available below.) No-one associated with Love on a Leash® is to charge for visits or solicit donations from those who are visited. Unsolicited, tax-deductible donations may be made to the National Love on a Leash® organization and will be gratefully acknowledged; no donation may be stipulated to any individual chapter or purpose, as all donations are put toward the goal of supporting both our individual members and all chapters equitably. Laws vary, but Chapters may need to formally register as a charity in the state where they reside. Please contact National Love on a Leash® for guidance, if this is the case in your state.
Participation in a Chapter is not required, but it does offer an opportunity for members to socialize, brush up on their obedience work, and learn more advanced skills.
Chapters may not implement additional rules or requirements that contradict or negate National Love on a Leash® Guidelines. Chapters may not charge operational dues to the members on their rosters.
Chapters should make participation as easy as possible for qualified individuals. Love on a Leash® members are not required to join a chapter. Chapters must regard other properly certified Love on a Leash® members they meet within their communities with courtesy and respect, honoring their decision to not join a chapter.
A Chapter, though unique in personality, should reflect the purpose and function of Love on a Leash® – to support and guide certified pet therapy teams and teams in training, upholding the organization’s high standards and values.
Click here to apply to be A LOVE ON A LEASH® Chapter
  • A Love on a Leash® Chapter consists of a Chapter Leader who has been a member for a minimum of one year, and at least one other certified team, who would like to participate, individually or in groups, in making visits. Chapters often set up regular visits at various facilities. Members may then choose to visit with the group or visit on their own. A chapter can be organized very loosely, or be more structured. Love on a Leash® was started with the idea of making it possible for people with qualified pets to participate.
    If you would like to offer pet therapy visits to a facility, an “Introductory Letter” and a brochure explaining Love on a Leash® can be downloaded from the Forms page on our website,
    It is preferred that pets wear a Love on a Leash® bandana or a Love on a Leash® vest during visits. This is not a requirement, but we hope members consider it an honor to identify their pet as a Love on a Leash® therapy animal. Occasionally, a hospital or similar facility may require teams to wear a vest or bandana in a color other than our official blue. That is permitted, but a Love on a Leash® patch must be visible on the item as well.
    Chapters may not substitute a “chapter color and/or design” on vests or bandanas in place of the official ones. Holiday or special occasion attire is always permitted as long as it is acceptable with the facility you are visiting. Always check with the Visit Captain first.
    Depending on the community, as a chapter grows outward it makes sense to become two neighboring chapters. Each Chapter has a regular visit schedule and shares resources when there is a larger event like a Fair. Chapters keep in contact with each other and share each other’s news when appropriate. It would be against our purpose and philosophy to become cliquish or selective in chapter formation. Any qualified team should be welcomed and encouraged to join a chapter. Dual membership in chapters is permitted.

The primary responsibility of a chapter leader is to encourage and support members as they make visits. Chapter Leaders ensure that therapy teams in their chapter are properly certified through the National Office. Chapter leaders have a responsibility to their community to provide quality Therapy Teams to facilities and programs and insure that each team meets Love on a Leash® guidelines.


Chapter Leaders are responsible for deciding which of their members are suitable to be a Visit Captain. Chapter members may be designated a Visit Captain at the Chapter Leader’s discretion.


We require that all Chapter Leaders be certified members of Love on a Leash® for a minimum of one year (or be Continuing Members in good standing). The National office of Love on a Leash® should be notified of any change in chapter leadership within 30 days. Chapter Leaders are not to receive any pay or other compensation in their role as a Chapter Leader. They cannot personally make money by virtue of being affiliated with Love on a Leash®—we are strictly a volunteer organization.


Therapy work is a great responsibility. Chapter leaders set goals, educate, lead, and set the example for their chapter members. Chapter leaders remind members that therapy pet work is a service. In order to provide this service, each team must adhere to certain policies to protect those whom we visit as well as those who are doing the visiting. Chapter Leaders will also assist National with dissemination of any updates.

Please remember, local chapters are subsidiaries of a registered, nonprofit, national organization. Therefore, it is mandatory that all local chapters meet the following standards:
  • We require all chapters use the name Love on a Leash®, which is a registered trademark of Love on a Leash, Inc.
  • A chapter’s name describes its geographic location. (Chapter names must be approved by the Love on a Leash® National office.)
  • All Love on a Leash® members, regardless of chapter affiliation, must wear their ID Cards and their pets’ ID Cards while representing Love on a Leash® on visits.
  • The official logo is a paw print within a heart with Love on a Leash® written over the top.
  • Our official color is medium blue. Pets are highly encouraged to wear a Love on a Leash® bandana or vest during visits. Members are not required to wear official Love on a Leash® apparel, but are encouraged to wear blue, white, or neutral colored tops to avoid being mistaken for other pet therapy organizations.  Official Love on a Leash® apparel and accessories are available for purchase through the member’s online account. Due to our trademark, chapters may not create additional apparel or merchandise without express approval from National Love on a Leash®.
Chapters are encouraged to establish social media accounts to share the love and share their visit adventures!  A chapter’s profile picture must be the Love on a Leash® logo, however, the chapter’s name may be included at the bottom of the logo. (An example below is for the Metro East Chapter in Chicago, IL.)  New chapters are issued chapter logos in their Welcome Packets.  Please contact to request an official chapter logo.  Please be sure to put “Love on a Leash®” foremost in all communications, social media posts, and press releases.
The name Love on a Leash® signifies the best of the best, proud, trusted, honorable, and responsible, garnering recognition throughout the United States as an organization with model therapy pets.


You do not need to belong to a chapter to be a member of Love on a Leash® (LOAL). If there are no chapters in your area, please contact the LOAL national office and inquire whether there are any certified LOAL teams in your area.  If there are not, we would then encourage you to be a pioneer for Love on a Leash® in your community, reach out to facilities you would like to establish pet therapy visits with, or who have shown an interest in receiving visits from therapy animals.  Please feel free to use the LOAL Introduction Letter, our digital trifold brochure, and our website when approaching potential facilities.  Examples of facilities that may be interested in visits include senior assisted living communities, memory care facilities, rehab facilities, libraries, and elementary schools for reading programs, or special education visits (these latter can be at higher education levels also).  Ask to speak or make an appointment with the facilitiy’s activity director, volunteer coordinator, librarian, counselor, student activities coordinator, etc. (Veterans care facilities, hospitals, clinics, dental practices, etc. may also welcome therapy pet visits, but may require you to already be a certified therapy team before visiting.)  Once you find a facility to visit, please ensure you adhere to all LOAL Member Guidelines & Application requirements.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the LOAL national office.


We know just how much visits from our furry companions can mean, and appreciate all visit inquiries. Our members do not need to belong to a chapter to be invited to visit facilities or attend events.  If you do not see a chapter in your area, please contact our LOAL national office to inquire whether there are any certified Love on a Leash® teams in your area.

a member

A Certified Therapy Team consists of one person and one therapy pet. Love on a Leash® certifies dogs, cats, and rabbits as therapy pets. All therapy teams are volunteers.
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