Become a Member

Steps to take to become a member of Love on a Leash:

  1. Pass the Control Evaluation – Evaluation must be administered by a Certified Behaviorist, Certified Dog Trainer, Certified Obedience Instructor, or AKC approved Evaluator.
  2. Complete 10 hours of Supervised Visits – Each visit will be limited to one hour per day for teams-in-training, with at least five visits (including the final visit), performed by a Visit Captain, who will also complete the Visit Evaluation Form.  If there are no chapters in your area, please contact Love on a Leash. We will check to see if there are any certified members in your area. In the event there are no certified Love on a Leash members in your area, a facility Activities Director or Volunteer Coordinator may be solicited, however, they must be pre-approved by National Love on a Leash prior to beginning Supervised Visits.
  3. Submit your completed Visit Evaluation form – Form is to be completed by the person who observed at least five of the ten visits (including the final visit).
  4. Send in the Membership Application – The Membership Application Checklist is very helpful to keep track of everything to be submitted for certification.
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