Visit captains

If several Love on a Leash® teams visit a facility, one team should volunteer to be the Visit Captain.

Visit Captains are liaisons between facilities and groups of Love on a Leash® teams.  The responsibilities of a Visit Captain include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking that Love on a Leash® ID cards are visible and current.  If an ID card is expired, the member is ineligible and must not visit until their membership has been renewed and they have received their new ID cards.
  • Checking that the pet is on a 4-foot leash. Tied, looped, or retractable leashes are not
    permitted. If using anything other than a 4’ leash, the team must be sent home. Some visit captains carry an extra 4′ leash to loan out in such situations.
  • Uninviting a Love on a Leash® team from any visit or activity due to disruptive behavior.
  • Checking the Control Evaluation for teams-in-training. Confirm they are valid (not failed), that the date is within one year of the date that the Control Evaluation was signed, and that they are signed by an Evaluator. Application forms should be the most current version. Outdated forms will not be considered.
  • Being present at each visit or arranging for another certified team member to be in charge as a substitute.
  • Coordinating with the facility representative in charge of the visits to:
    • Exchange contact information
    • Establish time and day of week for visiting
    • Arrange what the visit will entail and where in the facility the visit will take place
    • Be aware of any regulations specific to the facility.
  • Coordinating with the Love on a Leash® teams:
    • Arranging supervisors for teams-in-training doing their Supervised Visit hours. The recommended ratio of supervisors to teams-in-training is one supervisor with one team-in-training or one supervisors and two teams-in-training (without supervisor’s pet present).
    • Maintain a complete list of handler/pet teams that visit your facility (i.e. name, phone, email, etc.)
    • Notifying teams if a visit is cancelled
    • Notifying teams of special events—such as an obedience demonstration, or special occasion
    • Ensuring that unfamiliar teams joining the visit are certified Love on a Leash® members or teams-in-training with proper paperwork.  Teams-in-training without proper paperwork or teams without current Love on a Leash® ID cards may not visit.
  • Having a copy of the Love on a Leash® Incident Report available in case of an incident and reporting the incident:
    • To the facility contact person
    • To the Chapter Leader
    • To the Love on a Leash® National President

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