Membership definitions

You and your pet will train, be evaluated, and be supervised as a team. When you succeed together, you will become a Certified Therapy Team.

Certified Therapy Team consists of one person who is at least 18 years old and one therapy pet. Love on a Leash® certifies dogs, cats, and rabbits as therapy pets. 

  • All therapy teams are strictly volunteers and are not covered by Love on a Leash® liability insurance at their place of employment during working hours. 
  • You may only handle one pet per visit, even if you are certified with multiple pets. Anyone who will be handling the pet on visits must be certified with that pet. Responsibility for a pet may not be transferred, i.e. you may not yield control of your pet to another Love on a Leash® member or client.

An Additional Handler for a therapy pet must complete the entire membership certification process with that pet.

  • Each handler must complete their own Control Evaluation, perform at least ten hours of Supervised Visits, and pass the Visit Evaluation. Visit hours may not be shared or credited to another handler.

Continuing Member is a member (owner/handler) in good standing whose pet is no longer able to participate in visits due to illness, infirmity, or death. A Continuing Member may supervise teams in training and may continue to be a Visit Captain for scheduled visits, if desired.

Love on a Leash® does not certify pets to be emotional support animals or service animals. A therapy pet does not have the same legal rights as an emotional support animal or service animal. What is a Therapy Pet?

Any Love on a Leash® member who allows their membership to lapse for one year or more will be required to complete the entire membership process again including Control Evaluation, Supervised Visits, and Visit Evaluation — before their membership is reactivated.

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